What are the different teams?

You can get involved with Mechanical, Electrical, Tractive, Firmware or Operations sub teams! Not sure which one to join? You can get a taste of each sub team by attending weekly meetings and can decide where you belong.

Do you need any experience to join?

No experience is required to join! We welcome students of any year from any program in any faculty. All training and assistance will be provided.  If you have a desire to learn, you will be a perfect fit!

How to join the team?

  1. Email us to get added on Slack
  2. Attend weekly meetings
  3. Complete assigned work

What kind of projects does each sub-team work on?

Mechanical Sub Team

  • Designing mounts for the frame
  • Solid mechanics analysis
  • Design and manufacturing molds for carbon fiber and kevlar
  • Apply Computational-Fluid-Dynamics (CFD) to the car

Electrical Sub Team

  • Schematic capture and PCB layout design
  • PCB assembly and bring-up
  • Wire harness design and manufacturing

Tractive Sub Team

  • Designing mounts for motors, controllers and the cooling loop.
  • Designing jigs and test fixtures
  • Work with Solidworks FEA
  • Gain experience with manufacturing and assembly

Firmware Sub Team

  • Develop firmware for the various FreeRTOS ARM boards in embedded C
  • Develop software for driver data collection on the Beaglebone in Python
  • Design and update drivers for new chips
  • Use CAN signals to interact with the various boards on the system

Operations Sub Team

  • Establishing business relations with sponsors
  • Project management using JIRA
  • Marketing, recruitment and merchandise
  • Finance and procurement



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