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Waterloo Formula Electric is a team of over 60 students in engineering and business with a passion to learn. Together, we form a community of classmates, friends, and colleagues. Our alumni form some of the top graduating students in their programs as a direct result of their experience gained from the team.

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The Team


Responsible for the long and short-term success of the team as a whole, the executives of Waterloo Formula Electric play a crucial role in bringing all of our sub-teams together. Project management, engineering direction, and external communications are typically handled by this group.

Robert Rowland

Team Representative

Michael Skupien

Engineering Lead

Arian Monavvari

Project Manager

Operations Team

Running the team is a lot like running a startup. We are always working on fundraising, talking to our sponsors, and managing the team’s budget. We also work on running events for outreach and showcasing as well as building the team’s online presence on social media.

Natalia Godwinska

Operations Lead

Julia Baylis


Ciara Azam

Website Developer

Aerodynamics Team

The aerodynamics team uses software to control the airflow around our car. We optimize the shape of our wings and other aerodynamic surfaces to produce downforce while minimizing drag. These designs are then manufactured from composite materials such as carbon fiber. We also engineer the cooling systems behind various parts of the car's powertrain and battery with both liquid and air cooling.

Francois Bechard

Aerodynamics Lead

Sinclair Minshull


Aaron Grenke

Aero, CFD Lead

Eniko Zsoldos


Chris Chiang

Aerodynamics Lead

Accumulator Team

The accumulator team designs the high voltage battery pack that powers the car. We pack individual cells together and develop the monitoring and cooling systems needed to operate this component of the vehicle.

Nerissa Wong

Accumulator Lead

Kevin Bui


Lance Bantoto


Chassis Team

The chassis team is responsible for many aspects of the vehicle including the frame, suspension, steering, brakes and driver controls. We simulate, test and design all aspects prior to manufacturing to ensure that the optimal design and performance targets are met.

Alex Baranovsky

Chassis Lead

Abdeali Dhuliyawalla


Saad Haq

Brakes and Driver Controls

Justin Swinoga


Nicholas Qu

Vehicle Frame

Controls Team

The controls team develops kinematic models of our race car and use it to run laptime simulations when optimizing design parameters for all subsystems. We also develop control algorithms to distribute the available traction around the driven wheels of the car, optimizing for both speed and stability.

Michael Skupien

Controls Lead

Larry Kvit


Robert Rowland

Plant Modeling

Embedded Systems Team

The embedded systems team designs all of our electrical and firmware systems. All of our PCBs are developed in-house to form a complex distributed system of controllers. We also develop safety-critical software and test it rigorously to ensure safety while driving.

Alex Bondarenko

Embedded Lead

Cole McCaughan

Vehicle Wireing

Vincent Mcloughlin


Eric Ye

Firmware Lead

Rishab Sareen

Senior Member

Raj Mody

Software Lead, Electrical

Richard Matthews


Powertrain Team

The powertrain team develops the systems needed to convert the potential energy from the battery into the kinetic energy of the vehicle. We are responsible for designing the hubs, shafts, and gear trains. In the past we have even developed custom motors.

Robert Rowland

Powertrain Lead

Alex Forsyth


Patrick Gilhooly


Dhruv Kushalkar


Issac Boersma


Eliija Erb


Eren Rudy



Our team relies on a dedicated group of alumni and community members for advice. Advisors participate in design reviews, point us in the direction of resources, and help provide continuity between each season.

Amir Khajepour

Faculty Advisor

Pavel Shering


Mark Pennyfeather


Daniel Kaufold


Ivan Baranov


Rishi Chatterjee


Waterloo Formula Electric has a long list of part-time members that offer important contributions to the team, even though they might not be on a specific subteam.

Avery Soule

Peter Ro

Sachin Fernando

Tauseen Aqeel

Marcus Laferriere

Peter Reeser

Connor Rupnow

Nick Young

Ronnie Wan

Dar Mehta